Adrianne McNabb

Adrianne was born and raised in Southern California. She has worked in the medical field and spent over 15 years working in the public sector as a 911 dispatcher, Special Education Aide and as a Student Welfare and Attendance Specialist. She moved to Shreveport, Lousiana in 2012 and to the Lafayette area in 2016. Adrianne is married and is the proud mother of two daughters.  Being a lover of the outdoors, she enjoys gardening, horseback riding, hunting, fishing and equally enjoys indoor pursuits like sewing, cooking, decorating, and reading. Adrianne has immersed herself in local culture and has enthusiastically made Acadiana her home. She has a passion for helping others and excels in the being a part of something bigger! She has a heart of gold and is ALWAYS willing to give a hand.  If you ever find yourself without a dictionary…just call Adrienne. This woman has a mind full of trivia and definitions that keep us on our toes daily! Adrianne has been a part of the CJ group for a few years and she is for sure the backbone to our business!