Dawn & Terry Foreman

Having opened Lafayette’s FIRST personal training studio, Dawn is definitely a trailblazer! Converting to a fitness and weight loss center for women, she owned and operated Personally Fit for an extraordinary 19 years!

Terry, having been in farming for 30 years (cattle, soybeans, crawfish, rice), traded his life’s work in the industry for rental property in 2015. That’s a tough act to follow!

After becoming a licensed Realtor, Dawn closed the doors to where she thought she’d be forever in June 2017 and dove in head first in the deep end of real estate! In 2018 Terry joined her full-time. Since then, they’ve helped over 100 families, flipped 15 houses, own 24 rental properties from Lafayette to Hattiesburg, and have begun to build their life in a way they never dreamed possible.

Until real estate, their worlds ran parallel. Now they work together, play together and are strengthening their bond each and every day.